Dadi IndustryDadi Industry


Location Advantage

Full guarantee for production factors

  • 330kilometres

    The park has municipal pipe network

  • 181Communication base station

  • 18Transformer substation

  • 1Water plant

  • 2Gas distribution stations

  • 1Sewage treatment plant

Abundant in water, electricity and natural gas resources, Chongqing can guarantee the energy needs of enterprises. Specifically, Shui'tu New Area of Liangjiang New Area has a municipal pipeline network of 330 kilometers, 181 communication base stations, 18 substations, 1 water plant, 2 gas distribution stations and 1 sewage treatment plant, basically forming a diversifying system with sufficient guarantee for factors and sufficient energy supply. In Liangjiang New Area, a pilot area for the national power supply side reform, the minimum electricity price is only RMB 0.55 yuan.