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Investment Attraction

Investment Attraction

As a western pioneer, Chongqing is characterized by a low land, labor, and living cost, a solid pharmaceutical industry foundation and powerful policy support. Taking it as an opportunity, we will emphatically attract the investment from the enterprises in such first-tier cities as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen where the land, labor, and living costs are high and the biopharmaceutical industry needs to quickly develop, and go all out to connect with investment attraction, in order to turn the "three highs" of the above-mentioned areas into the "three excellents" of Chongqing and speed up the rapid implementation of “introducing eastern high-grade, high-precision, advanced medical enterprises and projects to the west".

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With a global perspective, the Company has gathered domestic and foreign top-class biopharmaceutical resources and innovative service elements. The Company mainly focus on the core areas of top medical services, transformation of advanced medical technology achievements, high-end medical research and development, high-end medical device manufacturing to attract investment. Also, the Company has emphatically arranged such parks within park as Sino-Japanese, Sino-Korean, Sino-American, Sino-Canadian, Sino-Italian, etc., resulting in the layout of a “1+N”sino-foreign cooperative international medical industrial park, and emphatically promoting the construction of industrial chains of innovation, ecological, industrial, talent, financial and service with an aim of creating a complete biopharmaceutical full industry chain.
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