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About Us

Chongqing-based Dadi Industry is striving to develop into an accelerator and incubator of the biomedical industry by building a regional coordinated innovation industry chain platform with national influence

Mainly focusing on biomedical research & development, high-end medical device manufacturing, and biotechnology. Our company is willing to attract the headquarters and R&D centers of nationwide and even global biomedical sci-tech enterprises, as well as promote and interact with each other through factors as capital, talent, technology, and operating services. We will actively plan and expand nationwide innovation industrial parks, continually improve the innovation service model of our operation center, and then gradually expand our business across the country through more industrial chain platforms.

In the future, we will uphold our original dream and mission to become the domestic first-class platform operator of biomedical innovation and high-end medical device manufacturing industries and boost the rapid, efficient, and high-quality development of the biomedical industry.